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Department of Initial Officer Training

....to Contribute to the Operational Effectiveness of the Royal Air Force,
by Providing Competent Junior Officers Capable of Undertaking the Full Range of
Initial Specialist Training


Following selection at the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre, all prospective Royal Air Force officers undertake their Initial Officer Training (IOT) during a 24-week course at the Department of Initial Officer Training (DIOT).  This course is carefully structured to reflect the RAF philosophy that very few are born leaders, but if the potential is there, they can be trained.  The Initial Officer Training Course aims to develop the potential for management, commitment and leadership that an officer’s role demands.  The course is a challenge to mind and body, and the successful cadet can take great pride in being commissioned as an RAF officer.
    The aim of the Initial Officer Training Course (IOTC) is to provide student officers with general Service and character development training which will enable them, after professional training to fill appropriate junior officer posts.

The IOTC is divided into the following 3 modules with a review point after each:

  • Basic Phase – largely physical training, ground defence training, English Language study and drill.

  • Foundation Phase – Academic studies. Major areas of training are oral communications, leadership and management training, culminating in the Field Leadership Camp.

  • Applications Phase – completion of academic studies and examinations. Other features of the module are the Station visit, adventurous training in Scotland, Station Management Simulator and the final leadership exercise ‘PEACEKEEPER’.

Operational studies and air experience are over-arching themes throughout the course.


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