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Headquarters Elementary Flying Training

HQEFT is tasked to supervise 14 University Air Squadrons (UAS) based at 12 different locations, and the Defence Elementary Flying Training School (DEFTS) at its various locations. The task organisation flies some 60,000 hours each year.  Two of the squadrons based in Scotland operate as one, from a joint base at RAF Leuchars, St Andrews, Fife.

The UASs train over 100 pilots each year ready for streaming to fast jet, rotary or multi -engine training. They also mentor the sponsored and Volunteer Reserve students of all the other branches. Incorporated within the UASs are the Air Experience Flights (AEF) which provide flying experience for ATC and CCF cadets. The aircraft that all the Squadrons use is the Grob 115E, known as the Tutor, which recently replaced the Bulldog Trainer, in service for 27 years.

DEFTS is a civilianised school with some military instructors, tasked to produce all the Army and Royal Navy student pilots, as well as some foreign students. DEFTS operates Firefly aircraft out of RAF Cranwell, RAF Barkston Heath, and Middle Wallop. The School also conducts Army grading and a multi-engine lead-in course.


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