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Grob Tutor

Grob G155E Tutor - Aircraft Details

     The Central Flying School (CFS) Tutor Squadron has been based at the RAFC Cranwell since 1994 and is part of HQ EFT. As well as the conventional CFS teaching provided by the qualified flying instructor(QFI) staff, the sqn's 5 qualified pilot navigator instructors (QPNI) provide elementary navigator instruction on behalf of 55 (R) Squadron. Although under the command of the FTS, the Tutor Sqn is responsible to HQ EFT for the maintenance of standards on the various flying instructor courses which it conducts.
      In common with other CFS units the Tutor Sqn conducts flying instructor courses for experienced pilots from the 3 UK Armed Forces as well as the armed forces of some overseas countries. The Main Course for new instructors is approximately 6 months long, including 2 weeks of groundschool, and has 80 flying hours. The Refresher Course is 2 months long with 40 flying hours and, as the name implies, is for previously qualified instructors of any background.
      The majority of graduates will work within the Elementary Flying Training (EFT) system either on one of the University Air Squadrons or on the Joint Elementary Flying Training School (JEFTS).
For details of all of the activities of the Central Flying School visit the CFS Association website.


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