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AP 3456 RAF Flying Manual

This Unique Aviation Manual is Now Available to YOU!

The RAF Manual, Flying is endorsed by the Central Flying School and is used extensively within the Royal Air Force and many other flying Services throughout the world as a basis for the teaching of aviation subjects. As such, it has been the prime reference Manual for military student aircrew examinations and for refresher training, instrument rating and instructor categorization.
It has long been recognized as a complete source of information for Civil Flying schools, but has not been readily available to all.
AP 3456 benefits from expert RAF, Army and Royal Navy experience over a period of more than 75 years. Now the Manual has been revised, repackaged and reissued you have the opportunity to purchase the 9 volume set or individual volumes of your choice.
Each volume of the new-look Manual comes in a durable, Gold inscribed, A4 sized, 'D' ring binder which allows the pages to open and lay flat.

Amendment Service

The price you pay includes free amendment service for the lifetime of the present issue of the manual.

Subjects covered include:

  • Fixed Wing and Helicopter Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Propulsion and Ancillary Systems
  • Air Data, Heading, Attitude and Alignment Instruments
  • Navigation, Computing and Display Systems
  • Communications, Navigation Aids and sensors
  • Airmanship
  • Basic and Advanced Flying Techniques
  • Aviation Medicine
  • Survival Organization Techniques and Equipment
  • The Earth and its Representation

  • Basic Navigation Principles
  • Astro Navigation
  • Flight Planning
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
The Volumes are:

Vol 1 - Principles of Flight
Vol 2 - Engines & Aircraft Systems
Vol 3 - Flight Instruments & Avionics
Vol 4 - Avionics
Vol 5 - Aircraft Operation
Vol 6 - Aviation Medicine & Survival
Vol 7 - Navigation
Vol 8 - Mathematics & Physics
Vol 9 - Magnetism, Electricity & Electronics

In the Price

  • Whether you buy one volume or the full set you get:
  • A gold-inscribed, durable A4 Binder
  • Full text & detailed diagrams (see right)
  • An Index to the whole set
  • Free amendment service for the lifetime of the Publication

How to Purchase

Apply for an application form, which includes full details, prices and discounts, from:

Executive Editor AP3456
Central Flying School
Royal Air Force College, Cranwell
NG34 8HB

Tel: 01400 261201 Ext 6896
Fax: 01400 261201 Ext 6517

Email: editor@ap3456.connectfree.co.uk

Date Last Updated : Monday, December 8, 2003 10:00 AM

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